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#1 9 years ago


I need to add some pizazz to a simple graphic I made. Currently, the image is just a map of South India (in red) with an oval depicting the protypical temple architecture along with a deity peculiar to that particular region.

Image preview:

I thought a nice "cone zoomout" or whatever the hell you call it would be cool. The tip of the cone would either originate in the center of the red region on the map and then extend ds to connect to the ellipse -OR- the base of the cone (still the ellipse) could connect with the left and right sides of the red region on the map. Does this make any sense?

I'd also like to add some spiffy special effects often found in signatures and other assorted pics so the image isn't so bare and plain.

I was hoping some kind soul could help me out. Any takers?

Download PSD here: