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#1 11 years ago

This is my website:[COLOR=Silver] nerdlust1.jpg[/COLOR]

I created the website, graphics, videos, blog, and "Why Didn't I Finish" reviews on there.

The idea behind the videos is a series where I talk about a guy (or guys) from gaming, movies, anime, comics, whatever. He could be fictional or real. Pretty much talking about what he is in, his personality/story, and just being silly about it.

The blog is simple, I just update it daily with a new video or picture on the web that I find funny or interesting, pertaining to games or whatever nerdy things you can imagine.

"Why Didn't I Finish" is a sorta review blog about video games I didn't finish and why. I talk about how the general public sees the game, and my personal experience with it.

Affiliates are links to my friends blogs, which I am helping them start and also did their logo graphics.

Any other ideas/constructive criticism for the website and content

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#2 11 years ago

I've taken down your link, due to it going against the forum rules. But nevertheless show us screenshots of the websites, I'm sure most here would love to comment and or critique on their looks.


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#3 11 years ago

that's alot of red and green. throw some more color in there. the text for the blog and reviews navigation buttons looks quite cramped too. maybe reduce it to something simpler, like blog and reviews. the general layout could also use a bit more depth. like a drop shadow at ~90┬║ for the central column of white - to give the illusion of floating above the grey background.