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10th April 2006

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#11 12 years ago
||G||;3361644I LOVE IT! thanks alot! One problem. It seems kind of small in my sig. How can I make it like the size it shows above? Also whats the code for the big space so it is in the middle of your sig, sorry i forget it :P

Right Click > Copy Image Location.

Then; Insert Image (insertimage.gif) > Paste > Ok.

If it doesn't work, somat is f**ked up.

Just highlight the area you want to centre and click the justifycenter.gif button.

And great work as usual ktd ;)

Edit: I tried it in my sig and it was fine in preview.



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5th October 2005

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#12 12 years ago

Ok i got it working now:D Thanks alot you guys ||G||

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