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10th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Requirements Grunge Brushes - Grunge01.abr - js_grunge.abr Step 1 Create a new image: Width: 400 Height: 100 Resolution: 72 pixels/in Background: Transparent Step 2 Filter > Render Clouds Step 3 Create a new layer and get our your grunge brushes. Start to put a little grunge on the layer and than set the blending mode to "Soft Light". REPEAT Step 3 UNTIL YOU HAVE A GOOD LOOKING GRUNGE EFFECT. Step 4 Layer > New Layer Adjustment > Color Balance Move the sliders around until you have a good color. Step 5 Create a new layer. Press Ctrl+A to select all. Step 6 Edit > Stroke: 2 Pixels Black Inside Step 7 Layer > Layer Styles > Blending Options: Set the blend mode to "Soft Light" Bevel and Emboss tab: Leave all to default except set the Size slider to 0 (instead of 5) Stroke tab: Size: 1px Position: Outside Blend Mode: Normal Opacity: 100% Fill Type: Color Color: Black Press OK, and you've got yourself a grunge sig. Add text or whatever you want. Lemme see what you guys made!