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9th April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Ok, I am aware that I have asked for one recently, and I apologize by all means for asking for another. I am asking for this one before the idea blanks my mind and I never think of it again. I'm not going to use it immediately but I will soon, as my next one. If this is too much to ask, then by all means, close this thread. To anyone who does want to do it, I had a few ideas, of which is easier, I'm unsure. Also, if you have the spare time, could you please make an avatar out of this same sig. (These are all based on Office Space) Also, this is for this forum. (Also, if you make the one with the Stapler, I would like the stapler as my avatar) IMAGE: Either one of the Red Swingline stapler, as it was in the movie, with Milton standing next to it or holding it or one with Lumbergh, holding his coffee mug NICK: Shintsu TEXT: If Milton, "Umm..I'm warning you, don't mess with my stapler" If Lumbergh, "Uhh, yeah, we're gonna need to go ahead and ban you, mmkay?" If you can think of a better one, still somewhat related to the movie, please feel free to change it as you please. BG COLOR: Office background with some cubicles, doesn't matter, as long as theres Office themed stuff. If you could think of a background thats not office related, but looks good, that'd be great as well. Once again, very sorry to be asking so much out of a sig and an avatar. If this is too much to ask, once again, just give this thread the big dancinglocks.gif. I will also fully credit the creator. If you do attempt one you have my everlasting thanks. :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows:



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22nd April 2002

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#2 13 years ago

Well, you got a sig a week ago and the avatar only yesterday. Please take a look at the rules. You can always ask again, but not so soon. Sorry. ;) locked2xa.gif