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Im going to create basic tutorials for people who are interesting in design especially sig making (from which you can learn a lot) Im always around if anyone needs any specific help or just gets stuck in photoshop. If theres something i havnt covered in photoshop but you really want to know, just ask and ill do the best i can to figure it out/explain it BASICS - TOOLS - PhotoshopJunkie - Photoshop Tutorials, Automotive _____________________________________________________________________________________________ salvssigtut01fp5fx3.jpg PICTURES USED - CITYSCAPE BOATS - Old paper (not the same) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDED 31.03.07 EVA TUT! evasigtuthu1te3.jpg PICTURES USED - EVA


ADDED 02.04.07 SPIDEY BRUSH TUT spideybrushtutwo2cg9.jpg PICTURES USED - SPIDERMAN RENDER - SPIDERWEB RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting - BRUSHES ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDED 05.07.07 GRUNGE SATELLITE DISH TUT satellitedishrb5.jpg FONT USED 01 Digitall Font | PICTURE USED *Note: These Where not made by me, I have reicived Permission from the Creator to post them here. Full Credit goes to salv of NXSecure.*