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#1 13 years ago

Hey Guys I would like to request a sig for my new clan it is called wolf pack. I will attach a few graphics that i would like in the picture but just go wild with whatever you recon looks good also not sure of the usual dimentions of the signatures so just the norm would be fine. Wolf Pack (just the badge) (love this picture) (like this one 2) Text : .:WolfPk|Outlaw. (Bottom left) Wolf Pack Member (Bottom Right) color: Red black white and grey use each to your desired amount. Dimensions: ? whatevers normal I would also like to request an avatar aswell if possible basically something like this but a little cooler. hopefully saying wolf pack outlaw intead of just the outlaw. (this one but tweaked a little bit) Thanks guys and is it possible to get these asap but only if you have time.