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13th December 2009

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#1 7 years ago

Hey guys, I've got another request:

Can someone fill this up for me ? (IE colorize it, add colors, color it, ...)

Spoiler: Show

Signature Image(s) : See above Text : None Extras (If any?) : Well, that big white wavy spot on the right is supposed to be fire. But since I'm no expert in drawing fire, I couldn't make it better.

This is actually an enforcer walking through a hallway in a hotel of which one room is burning and the hallways is filled with smoke (but you can still see the enforcer)

If someone is willing to fill this up and make a sig of it, I'd be happy. Can you post one image that is the same size etc ..., but with colors (so basically, a colorful fill) and one image which is the first image resized to a sig ?

But please remember this ; There is smoke *cough cough sniff* Right side is on fire You can see the enforcer passing through the smoke (appearing out of it) It's in the 30ies If you can (optional), can you remove the grain effects ?

For the rest, I'm open to all sorts of imagination. Let me see what you make of it.

Thanks in advance !