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#1 11 years ago

Hi, I am a true StarWars fan ... the icon of or Darth Maul coming to the spotlight in phantom menace was a eye opener for me and a new hunger for power and outlook on life in my Starwars characters ... the way of the Sith. I wanted a dark lord of the Sith with so much hatered and anger in his expression you can see the focus and drive to fight and win every battle he is in. Dark colors to express the Sith background and Bright red and yellow to show the evil in his eyes. maybe a Still shot of him "Braddux" fighting two or three Jedi knights at one time and scoring a killing blow. maybe the clothes or uniform close to that of Darth Maul in Starwars episode 1 all black but add some red trim and the lightsaber has to be a double edged lightsaber. i am sorry i am soo graphic but i want him to look bad A$$


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#2 11 years ago

You need to loose the poetry and the feelings you are trying to express in your request I have no f&%#ing idea what it is you are asking for let alone the time to do the research for the pic that resembles that which you request. So do us all a favor and read this thread: and then tell us what it is you want again.

I dont mean to sound harsh. There are many designers here who would love to fill your request, but you are asking us to spend our time, which our service is free, and we need you to do all the leg work;)