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12th July 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Hey everyone! Take a little time and read about the newest addition to the Graphics Department. We have a new user group, called the GFx League. We’ve been requesting one for awhile, and with some of the recent changes in the forums, we’ve finally acquired one.

This user group will consist of three different tiers, and a staff level. Count Chocu1a, Junk angel and I compose the staff level. There will be three levels open for membership.

These are:

  1. Initiate: This is the first tier of the GFx League. Members of this tier must demonstrate general participation and interest in the Graphics Department: 25 points required to join.
  2. Designer: This is the second tier of the GFx League. Members of this tier must demonstrate increasing talent and skill in the area of Graphic Design: 50 points required to join.
  3. Artisan: This is the final tier of the GFx League. Members of this tier must demonstrate a competent knowledge of design, demonstrate talent in multiple fields of design and show high levels of participation in the Graphics Department: 100 points required to join.

Membership to this group will be moderated by the Graphic Department Staff and will be regulated by a point system that is tied into the general workings of this Forum. Below is a list of activities which will earn points for your account. From time to time, events not listed here, but still worth points will be posted.

  • Filling a request: 1 point
  • Winning a GFx battle: 2 points for winning against a person one tier up, 5 points for two tiers and 7 points for three tiers above your own rank. If members of equal rank battle, the winner will receive 1 point, if a higher ranked member wins against a lower ranked member, 1 point is awarded as well.
  • Creating an Original Tutorial for the Digital Archives: 3 points
  • 1st place in a signature of the Week: 5 points
  • 1st place in a large competition: 7 points

Once you have accumulated the required amount of points, the GFx League staff will review your activity in the Graphics Department and issue an invitation to join the next tier of the League.

A contest will be held here for the design of the user bars which will designate the separate tiers.

Membership updates will go through at the beginning of each month. If you have questions about your rank or how many points you have accumulated, feel free to ask.


-The Graphic Department Staff

*This structure is subject to change at the discretion of the GFx League Staff.