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23rd June 2005

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difficulty: easy first, you need an image. I have already got one. psblendingstart1lk.jpg now, you need to take the laso tool (regular) and draw a fairly large circle around your inetended blended image. psblendingcircle0ec.jpg now, take the feather and put it on anything that you see fit. I will use 35. psblendingfeather6gn.jpg now, go to layer>add layer mask>reveal selection. (I opologize for not pic of this. it wouldn't let me take a screenshot for some reason.) and this is the end result. psblendinglayers7fu.jpg feel free to play around with the image. just by adding some text and another pic of Zero, I got a fairly crappy wallpaper! yay! *dances* psblendingfinishedexample5jn.jpg I will add one on soulstealing later when I make it.