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12th July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hi Guys. I am in need of urgent graphics for a tournament this going to be hosted soon for AOE3Files that Ideazon TM and Global Sig Alliance are sponsoring! I need this ASAP so much appreciation will go to whoever gets them completed in a fast time with quality.

Heres the specifications! Text: (In Italics) AOE3Files.com Presents (Top Left Corner, not to small but not too big) WarChiefs Native Tournament! (In the middle, big) Sponsored by - (Underneath, small but not too small) Renders: For the background: http://www.aoe3.de/grafik/indianer_02_k.jpg http://www.aoe3.de/grafik/indianer_01_k.jpg Underneath 'Sponsored By -' - A graphic/text representing the Global Sig Alliance (http://www.globalsigalliance.com/) maybe use something off the banner?, up to you how you do it. -http://www.ideazon.com/media/resource/files/logos/ideazon_newlogo_V_hires.zip -http://www.ideazon.com/media/resource/files/logos/zboard_logo_full_cmyk.zip - http://gamegroup.ziffdavis.com/online/logo.filefront.gif

Make the graphic no bigger than the one in the topic here - http://www.thelegionclan.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19733

If you feel something should be done to make it better, then do it! I dont think i will have time to tell you anything more, so just go for it :)

Thanks so much in advanced, Regards, Riot