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#1 13 years ago

I am working on a Freespace 2 mod project for a game called Star Trek Armada 2 ([COLOR=red]Mod Profile here[/COLOR]). The only thing keeping me from releasing the mod is the lack of a customized ingame user interface for each of the two races. What I need done is relatively simple. [COLOR=red]This[/COLOR] is a link to the Armada 2 GUI tutorial, which I think, after reading through, should be easy enough for anyone without the game to follow. You're basically filling in Targa (.tga) image files with certain theme about them so that they match whatever size specifications the tutorial says. You need only do the image stuff, and as long as it meets the tutorial's specifications, I'll be able to do the rest. Now if you're still reading and want to help, be aware you will recieve full credit for whatever you make if used. To give you a start as to what themes you should be looking at, I direct you [COLOR=red]here[/COLOR], which includes pictures and theme stuff near the bottom. If you end up making a full GUI, feel free to post a few images like the tutorial has (mock ones of course, I'm not asking for ingame shots of course since thats my job). Thanks ahead of time!