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2nd June 2004

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#1 15 years ago
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Winter Sig By S3phiroth [/COLOR]

As Christmas comes close I decided to make a tutorial for a signature with some festive spirit.

  1. Open a new document with the sizes 400px x 160px.
  2. Select the Gradient tool gradienttoolicon2xs.jpg and use the colors #00C4E1 to #009ED8
  3. Use this gradient vertically as a background. You should have something like this : snowsig9ai.jpg
  4. Now create a new layer newlayericon1zn.jpg and go to Inner Gloweffectsicon4gu.jpg and use these settings : Normal Opacity 50% Black Softer 0 3
  5. Now using a Hard Round Brush around size 13 and brush a landscape like this :

snowssig25hc.jpg Now open a New Document around 500px x 500px Using the Ecliptic Marquee tool hold shift and make a relatively small circle. color this White. Do the same again but move this so it just overlaps and bigger. And once more. Back to the Inner Glow effect, use the same settings as before but this time make the size around 20. You can also add a black Stroke. You should have something like this : snowmansig4uw.jpg Now to add details. Create a new layer and draw two eyes in black using the Ecliptic marquee tool again. To make sure they are the same size it is recommended you use copy. Ctrl + Click this layer, now select the gradient tool again but this time use a Foreground(White) to transparent gradient. Create a new layer and use the gradient on the top of the eyes. Set the opacity to around 70percent. Merge the two layers Ctrl+E and add a 2px black stroke. Repeat this for Buttons, mouth and anything else you wish to add. You should now have something like this : snowmansig28oc.jpg Remove the background and press Ctrl+A (Select All) then Shift+Ctrl+C (Copy merged) Now go back into your signature and press Ctrl+V (Paste). Resize appropriately. Duplicate the layer and press Ctrl+U (Hue/Saturation), turn the brightness fully down. Use the Edit > Transform > Distort tool to make the layer look as if it leaning a certain way as shown here: snowssig38lv.jpg Now onto text. Use the text tool and make you desired name. Use a font with many straight edges to make this next few steps easier. Make the font a light grey such as #C4C4C4. Add a 3px stroke to this text in a darker grey such as #838383. Now create a new layer and paint where you believe snow would fall ontop of it. Right click on the layer of snow you made earlier and click copy layer style. Right click on this new layer and click paste layer style. You should have something like this: snowssig40yh.jpg I added a shadow by rasterizing the text layer and merging the layers then using the distort tool and transparency. A border - New Layer, Ctrl+A, Edit>Stroke 3-5px white. Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur 1px Radius. snowsigcopy7xj.jpg

  1. You are probably thinking the background looks a little plain? Well lets make it look cool.
  2. File > New Document 1024px x 768px Black background. Make sure Black is set as foreground color and white as background.
  3. Filter>Pixelate>Pointillize 5
  4. Image>Adjustments>Threshold 200
  5. Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur> Between 0.5 to 1
  6. Set the layer to Screen and drag it into your signature.
  7. Make sure the bottom of the layer is at the bottom of the signature.
  8. Press Ctrl+Shift+M (Jump to ImageReady)
  9. Click Duplicate Current frame located in the Animation window.
  10. Now use the move tool to move the layer so its top is at the top of the signature.
  11. Click Tween also located in the Animation Window. Choose Position and nothing else at 30frames.
  12. Click on the very first frame then hold shift and click the very last frame. Click the timing on one of them and enter 0.1sec.
  13. Press Play and watch. I got this :

snowsig2hf.gif However in the interest of file size you may want to delete several frames.


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#2 15 years ago

Loox sweet, I have rain, you have snow.. now all we need is hail and a mudslide:)