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1st Allied Airborne A newly formed team with 11th Airborne. The 11th Airborne is a group of players that are between 12 and 16 years old. The players who came aboard into the 1st Allied Airborne are former members of one of the largest teams in AA who are tired of the dictatorship of a clan leader who wants things his way or no way. Our team votes on all important issues as a team. This is what we offer you ∙ Cheat and Hack Free Honor Server AON Private Server Admins ( ∙ Teamspeak Server (azeroth.game-server.cc & 1staa.servegame.com) password: deltaco ∙ 22 Members Our Motto is Keep It Simple Soldier If anyone is interested please come check out our forums http://1staa.11.forumer.com

11th_ACO_SSG=Wigwag [EMAIL="wigwag2050@yahoo.com"]wigwag2050@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]