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17th July 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Welcome to the 1st Cavalry Division, we are recruiting!

What we do...

We try to portray a modern day Cavalry Division as close as AA allows. As a member of 1ACD you are not only portraying a real life soldier but your saying thank you to the many hundereds who have lost their lives in the name of freedom.

How we do it...

We use American Army Structure and Tactics to keep to the theme of being a Cavalry Division. Also there is no Cpl. RoflCopter [1ACD]. We dont allow you to use a made up names only realistic name. You use your surname or an alias surname.

What we expect out of our members...

We dont expect you to change your life for the 1st Cavalry. But we do expect commitment and maturity from every member. We require that you are active on the forums when ever possible. We dont mean you spend all night and day on it just maybe check it everyday and post at least twice a week so we know you are not dead.

What you can expect from us....

You can expect a virtual taste of being in an American Army Division. We will try to train you to the best of our abilities and create the best damn unit in Americas Army.

How To Apply....

Fill out the form below:

In-game Name: Real Name(Last, First): Location: AIM: MSN: Availability (Include time zone): How did you hear about us? Age:

Then Email this form to: [email]andrewwhyberd@gmail.com[/email] (Cpt. Whyberd) or [email]snowbrdr4living@yahoo.com[/email] (1Lt. Dunnley)

This is due to our site and forums are being sorted out as you are reading this.

We Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.