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26th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hello, the 1st Infantry Division is looking for recruits to join our ranks. We are between military realism and mellow. We do not salute to officers, we do not sound off on teamspeak, and we do not report in (sir, reporting in sir) none of those. What we do is practice military tactics (Army Tactics) and work as a team, we have a realistic military chain-of-command along with their proper ranks/rates (ex: Platoon Commander=2LT, 1st Squad Leader=Staff Sergeant).

We are going to buy an Americas Army Game Server and Teamspeak Server. What we are looking for is people that are: Highly motivated, Trully dedicated, 15 years old or above, 15 min honor, Teamspeak is a must, Xfire is a must, English speaking is a must, and those who are able to fight, die, and play as a team. Another words, dont complain that the site sucks or any of that bs, if ya complain such things, I dont want you in my unit!

Now enough talk, here is our forum: http://17.freebb.com/viewforum.php?f=3&freebb=508thpir

If you cant post your application correctly, it will be denied (makes recruitment all easier for me ). So read!

Staff Sergeant Blacknite, Recruiting Officer/2nd Squad Leader