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17th February 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Hoaah! Hello, are you tired of clans and realism units dissolving after 2 months, well if you join us, you wont be disappointed! We are brand new, so we have around 10 members, we are a realism unit based on the US Marine regiment 2nd Marine Regiment currently serving in Iraq. Out of the members in our unit at lease 50% are active military serviceman. So we know ours stuff! We are mainly focusing on Americas Army out of COD4,BF2 ArmA. We are split into battalions, and have organized RRO staff and MTD staff. We are in the TRC [Tactical Realism Community], and have drills twice a week, and usually a match on the weekend. We have a strict time requirement of 2 hours a week, we ask members to check forums regularly and be on Voice Channels and Xfire as much as possible, I will warn you now, we dont take in-active idiots in our unit, we understand some may not agree with our hardcore realism. We are about to start up in some AA tourneys and get scrims going asap, as we have been preparing for the past few weeks, so if you like scrims and matches your looking at the unit for you! We are in need of x2 platoon commanders, troop commanders, battalion commanders and lots more position, first AA to sign and and pass Enlistment, will most probably be Commanding Officer of AA Battalion. We have a 2 week graduation process from your enlistment right the way through to your Graduation, in those two weeks, you will be inducted into a Training Class, you will treat this people like your brother and treat your Instructor like your Mother. Once you have completed graduation, you will have a long happy career as a Marine ahead of you. Requirements: -Age: 14 [we do allow younger people to join a Junior Marine Corps] -A Legit version of ArmA or CoD4 or BF2 or AA -No previous hacking -No multi-clanning [this only applies to clans that play the same games as we do] www.keepmoving.freeforums.org xfire: marine94 Thanks, COL L.Murphy CO of 2MR