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316th Battalion Para Rescue Jumpers
316th Battalion is looking for members to fill up there rosters. We offer teamwork, excitement, Laughter and honor within the community. This organization is miliatry inspired and uses several protocols in order to promote and develop Team-Based-Tactics.

Application Requirements:

1 Able to express yourself clearly using the English language.

2 Minimum age: 21. 3 Reliable and fast connection to the internet. 4 Proper quality microphone. 5 Qualified for all training available in AA:SF. 6 Lead, Follow or Scram!

We Offer:
- Dedicated TeamSpeak

- Dedicated WebPage - Dedicated Forum - Respect We are always looking for those people who are interested in calm and controlled game play in a tactical way. We have a policy that says that every member has the right and is sort of expected to be involved with the organization; bring up his or hers idea's or take a spontaneously initiative etc ... It is the organizations honor and primary goal to show respect to all PJ's where ever in the world for as long the name pararescuejumpers.com is used by the initiative takers as an online gaming organization. For this reason we can not allow any lame or immature type of players into the organization. Since we are a growing and expandable organization we always have room to house new members. We offer US airforce ranking structure, a full basic & advanced training in tactics, communication, weaponry and more. If you are interested in the Para Rescue Jumpers or just our organization then please contact us for further information at: [email="info@pararescuejumpers.com"]info@pararescuejumpers.com[/email] http://www.pararescuejumpers.com

-- Battalion Management --