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#1 10 years ago

3rd Infantry Division is Recruiting!

Thats right, we are expanding, therefore we need more recruits!!!

- Our website is www.3rdinf.us

-Also we have a honor server, and we also have our practice server.

-3rd Infantry Division is a Worldwide unit, we even have a 3rd Platoon designated for Non-US members, we do this because of the different time zones, and if need be, I'm sure our [COLOR=red]C-Staff[/COLOR] will expand to include more squads for other recruits around the world! The 3rd Infantry Division is a realistic military unit. We want committment. When you join, you will go through our enlistment process which includes an interview, and then you will be placed as a private trainee. You will then attend a basic training course, in which you will learn how to act as a Soldier and also improve your skills. IF you make it through training, you will be assigned to a squad, where you will be active in TWL and many other things. You have the option to participate in a DMOS (Duty Office) such as (recruiting, training, public affairs....and much more).

-The 3rd Infantry Division is a realism-based unit. We tend to lean to the more serious side, but don't be afraid, we can have fun too!

-Recruits need to have the following; America's Army (obviously, suggested that you have the most updated version), Teamspeak (which can be found here:www.goteamspeak.com), you should be at least 15 years of age, POSSIBLY 14, you need Xfire (which can be found at www.xfire.com).

-[COLOR=red]Our site is currently down!! Site went down June 14th, it should be back up soon![/COLOR]

-If you are interested in joining, please add either bust331 or aircavaustin to Xfire!! Or go to the site whenever it comes back up, don't forget to when you sign up, to add PFC-Curts and PV2-Bruce as your referrer!

Thanks for your time, and quite possibly your application!

PFC-Curts[3rdID], PV2-Bruce[3rdID]