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3rd July 2005

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#1 15 years ago

We are always welcoming Team players to the battalion. [color=Red]Click Here to Enlist[/color] [color=Black]Wait for an email then follow the directions. IP to Public Server: 420gang11.jpg The Battalion [color=Red] [/color][/color][color=darkblue][color=Red]HQ Command [/color][color=Red][color=Black][color=Red]Commanding Officers[/color] [/color][/color][/color][color=Black]Gen. Dark Cloud Brig. Gen. Serious D. Pain [/color][color=Red]Battalion Executive Officers [color=Black] [/color][/color][color=Black]LtCol. Holden McGroin[/color][color=Black] [/color][color=Black]LtCol. Marty[/color][color=Black] [/color][color=Black]LtCol. Jane[/color][color=Black] [/color][color=Black]Maj. Splatt[/color][color=Black] [/color][color=Black]Maj. Tomcat[/color] [color=darkblue][color=Red]Recon[/color] [/color] [color=red]Recon Command:[/color] 1Lt. Milo Steam 2Lt. zeLacuLe [color=red]A Company:[/color] [color=Black] Sgt.Maj. Caboose [color=red][/color]Gsgt. AC/DC [/color] [color=Black]Sgt. Spartan [/color][color=Black]PFC m4 PFC Jay Bo[color=yellow][/color] Pvt. Sharpshooter PFC Cannibis Bob PFC Weak Link Pvt. Spiers [/color] [color=Red]Infantry[/color] [color=Red]Division Commander[/color] [color=black] 1Lt. Ira[/color][color=black] [/color] [color=Red]A Company [/color] SSgt. Cannon Sgt. Prof.Cowman Sgt. HK-Army Cpl. Punisher Pvt. Sirgamesalot Pvt. Southerncomfort Pvt. Circas Pvt. J0sh Pvt. In$tinct Pvt. Crunch [color=Red]Rangers [color=Red]Division Commander[/color] [/color][color=Black]1Lt. JediMindTricks [/color] [color=Red]A Company[/color][color=Black]2Lt. Shifty [/color] SgtMaj. Cobra SgtMaj. JJ MSgt. Slim Noob MSgt. Tw34k SSgt. JoeDIRT Sgt. Stix Sgt. Malcantry Sgt. Read Ichigo Cpl. Sinistar Cpl. J.F.K. Cpl. Mr. Orange Pvt. AJ Pvt. von hecke Pvt. naruto [color=Red]Airborne [/color] [color=Red]Division Leader [color=Red] [/color][/color][color=Black]1Lt. SniperGx3 [/color][color=Red]A Company [/color][color=Black]1Lt. Staulkor [/color] Sgt.Maj. Snipre SSgt. Navy-Seal Sgt. Loki Sgt. KettleCorn Cpl. Winters Cpl. Skippy PFC Holiday PFC YKCI PFC Delta PFC Bagel PFC Tempest Pvt. Alien [color=Black][color=Red]Special Forces[/color] [color=Red] Division Commander[/color] [/color][color=Black] Maj. Beuller [/color][color=Red]A Company [/color][color=Black]1Lt. Lipton [/color][color=Black]2Lt. Sepultra [/color] 2lt. Jimi Hendrix SgtMaj. Gunslinger GSgt. Poltergeist SSgt. Shattredmind SSgt. Gsx_Eclipse Sgt. Don_Schorsch Sgt. DaShocker Cpl. Miller Cpl. Swifty PFC. Redfield


I didn't make it!

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#2 12 years ago

New Site and Server

Enlist at 420th Battalion Sign up at the forums, and post an Application

Public Server: Yay!