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17th February 2008

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#1 10 years ago


The 4th Infantry Division Is Recruiting - Enlist Today! Are you looking for a realism unit that allows you to make lasting friendships and play at both friendly and competitive levels? Would you like to be part of a unit that emphasizes teamwork and honor, and consists of members who bond together to create not just a team, but more importantly a brotherhood? If so, the 4th Infantry Division is the unit for you! Below I will list the requirements that an applicant should be able to meet, as well as what we have to offer our members. WHAT WE OFFER: ~ Our own domain and website with forums at 4th Infantry Division » Iron Horse ~ Multiple Gaming Servers ~ Private TeamSpeak server for our unit's use ~ Participation in TWL and possibly CAL ~ A Chain of Command and realistic ranking structure for all members ~ Training for new recruits as well as team practices ~ A clan designed to branch out to other games such as ArmA, COD4, etc. ~ A comfortable environment for both members and visitors ~ Inner clan tournaments with prizes APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS: ~ Must be at least 15 years old and mature ~ Must have AA version 2.8.1, or Battlefield 2, or Call Of Duty or or ArmA ~ Must have a working copy of TeamSpeak2 ~ Must have a working microphone ~ Must have and actively use Xfire or be willing to use it ~ Must be registered with BF2 Tracker or AAO Tracker or be willing to register for it, if you enlist for Battlefield 2 or Americas Army ~ Must be willing to work with other members as a team and follow/issue orders ~ Must be willing to stay active and mature but at the same time have as much fun as possible If the 4th Infantry Divisions sounds like the unit for you, feel free to stop by our site at 4th Infantry Division » Iron Horse and if interested in joining this elite realism unit! You can personally contact me via Xfire at: recruiter7id Thank you and we hope to hear from you very soon. Hooah


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11th July 2006

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#2 10 years ago

Yea - a friend of mine joined you guys.....found out the leader was a liar and he quit - and they stole my banner that I made.....hummmm! Sounds like a lying, stealing, and un organized clan!!?!?!?!? Join at your own risk! :uhm:

Havent you osted this in like 3-4 diff places?