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Are you looking for something more from AA? Then the 506 maybe for you.We are a new Tactical Realism clan and are looking for members to join our ranks We offer a realistic Rank and Award Structure as well as training and tactics similar to those use by the military and adapted to the game. To Enlist in the 506 you will need this -Must be commited to the unit. -Must be at least 15 years old -Must Have Xfire -Must Have A Working Microphone -Must Be Able To Follow Commands When you enlist you will begin training in the basic skills of soldiering in Tactical Realism including Communication,Tactics and Weapons Qualification upon graduating Airborne School you will become a full member of the unit with endless possabilities for extra training including *Further Weapons Qualifications including Sniper *Warrior Leadership Course *Medic Training *Driver Training *The possability of attending OCS We also offer many in clan postions such as *MP (Forum Admins) *Recruiter *Drill Instructor *Supplier (Uniforms,Sigs etc) All your Information is stored on you uniform wich you are presented with upon completion of Airborne School. So what are you waiting for? Also as we are a new unit we are on the lookout for experienced TR players to join our ranks as SNCO`s and Officers if you would like to apply for this include your previous unit when you enlist and we will check with that units CO. Website 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment Thank You COL. A Copson CO 506 Regiment