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posterapsd7hx.jpg [color=black]5th Cavalry Regiment[/color] [color=black]________________________ [/color] [color=black]To: America's Army Community [/color] [color=black]From: 5th Cavalry Regiment RRO [/color] [color=black]Subject: 5th Cavalry Regiment - The Black Knights [/color] [color=black]________________________ [/color] [color=black]Are you looking for a unit that has a large degree of EXCELLENCE [/color] [color=black]Do you have values such as INTEGRITY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, AND HONOR? [/color] [color=black]Do you have certain SKILLS that you can bring to a unit? [/color] [color=black]Are you looking for a unit that you can finally call your home among your BROTHERS-IN-ARMS? [/color] [color=black]Then look no further, because the 5th Cavalry Regiment is calling on you! Do you think you can answer? [/color] [color=black]What we have to offer you: [/color] [color=black]14 slot honor server. [/color] [color=black]30 slot teamspeak server. [/color] [color=black]Website & forums. [/color][color=black]http://www.5thcav.com[/color] [color=black]A true "Band of Brothers" who believe in comraderie and building lasting friendships. [/color] [color=black]An active group that participates in TWL matches but also understands real life obligations.[/color]

[color=black]Still interested? Outstanding!! [/color] [color=black]What you can expect in the 5th Cavalry: [/color] [color=black]1 week initiation/probationary period. [/color] [color=black]1 Week bootcamp. [/color] [color=black]Intensive training. [/color] [color=black]Assignment to competition squad. [/color] [color=black]Squad drills so that you may become more deadly on the virtual battlefield.[/color]

[color=black]Here’s what we expect of you: [/color] [color=black]18 or over (waiverable) [/color] [color=black]ICQ messenger [/color] [color=black]Teamspeak client [/color] [color=black]Headphones and mic [/color] [color=black]Willingness to learn [/color] [color=black]Respect [/color] [color=black]Loyalty [/color] [color=black]Maturity[/color]

[color=black]Contact Information [/color] [color=black]SPC-Jameson - IC RRO - XFIRE: jameson45 ICQ:337771734 [/color] [color=black]SPC Ross - XFIRE canuckross EMAIL: [/color][email="Ross@5thcav.com"][color=black]Ross@5thcav.com[/color][/email]