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#1 14 years ago

[size=18]5th Cavalry Regiment[/size]

Are you looking for a unit that has a large degree of [color=red]EXCELLENCE[/color]

Do you have values such as [color=red]INTEGRITY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, AND HONOR?[/color]

Do you have certain [color=red]SKILLS[/color] that you can bring to a unit?

Are you looking for a unit that you can finally call your home among your [color=red]BROTHERS-IN-ARMS?[/color]

Then look no further, because the 5th Cavalry Regiment is calling on you! Do you think you can answer?

What we have to offer you:

  • 14 slot honor server. 30 slot teamspeak server. Website & forums. (


A true "Band of Brothers" who believe in comraderie and building lasting friendships.

An active group that participates in TWL matches but also understands real life obligations.

Still interested? Outstanding!!

What you can expect in the 5th Cavalry:

  • 1 week initiation/probationary period. 1 Week bootcamp. Intensive training. Assignment to competition squad. Squad drills so that you may become more deadly on the virtual battlefield.

Here’s what we expect of you:

  • 18 or over (waiverable) Xfire messaging program


Teamspeak client

Headphones and mic

Willingness to learn




Also, you have to be 18 years or older. However, if you are mature enough during the interview, you can be 16 or older.

Contact Information contact us via e-mail at: [email="recruiting@5thcav.com"]recruiting@5thcav.com[/email]

posterapsd7hx.jpg Click on the above picture to be taken to our website.