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Hello Potential Trainee, The 5th Cavalry Regiment is currently recruiting active and dedicated players who are looking for militaristic simulation and a realistic unit for Americas Army. We bring tactical and practical to the game,but at the same time we have fun. I guarantee if you like an organized, tactical, yet friendly group of guys, you WILL like us. Your first step as a Private Trainee takes you through a Bootcamp Indoctrination. Bootcamp Indoctrination is a 2 hour course that guides you through the various aspects of the game and real Army details. Your next step is completing a serious of Combat Missions which will mold you into a true soldier. These Combat Missions simulate real-game TWL scenarios and test your ability to think on your feet and achieve an objective. What the [5thCav] expect from the Private Trainee:

  • Minimum: 18 years old (We are a mature and active unit)

[COLOR=yellow]A working mic[/COLOR] Teamspeak - www.goteamspeak.org if needed [COLOR=yellow]XFire messaging program - www.xfire.com if needed[/COLOR] An active/public AAO Tracker profile [COLOR=yellow]Able to play daily (no set number of hours, we just ask that you are able to play mostly in the evening to participate in TWL. We do understand real life obligations though and offer flexible scheduling once you are in the unit)[/COLOR] Maturity [COLOR=yellow]Respect[/COLOR] A desire to learnWhat you can expect as a Private Trainee in the [5thCav]:

2 Hour Indoctrination course [COLOR=yellow]Bootcamp which consists of Simulated Combat missions that prepare you for TWL[/COLOR] A feeling of belonging and brotherhood [COLOR=yellow]Experienced leaders who will show you the ropes[/COLOR] What we can give you as a member in the [5thCav]:

  • 16 slot honor server.

[COLOR=yellow]30 slot teamspeak server.[/COLOR] Website & forums. [COLOR=yellow]Weekly TWL Matches[/COLOR] Squad Practices [COLOR=yellow]And most of all: Fun![/COLOR] So, if you think you have what it takes to be part of the 5th Cavalry, check us out at www.5thcav.com, Register and Enlist on the forums under "Recruitment.". Please mind the format we have set for the Applications. After completion of your application one of the Recruiting Liasons will be with you within 24 to 36 Hours depending on how available our Recruiters are. Recruiting Process Steps: [COLOR=red]Register on Forums[/COLOR] http://www.5thcav.com/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=new_user [COLOR=white]Fill-Out an Application:[/COLOR] http://www.5thcav.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=4 [COLOR=white]In-Processing and Acceptance:[/COLOR] Conducted by RRO personnel. Contact Information SGT-Williamsen, NCOIC RRO - XFIRE: williamsen AIM: madcatz503 EMAIL: [EMAIL="recruiting@5thcav.com"]recruiting@5thcav.com[/EMAIL]