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#1 12 years ago

The 6th Marines is recruiting for Battlefield 2142 and America's Army.

To apply, go to www.6thclan.com and hit "Recruitment," then go to the Battlefield 2142 Recruitment forum.


The 6th Marines is a multi-gaming clan for America's Army and Battlefield 2142, established in January 2004 as a Battlefield Vietnam clan. We later moved on to Battlefield 2, but we recently switched to a multi-gaming clan.

There are two companies:

- Alpha Company (America's Army - Bravo Company (Battlefield 2142)

The 6th Marines is a military based clan. We don't focus simply on competitive playing, but we do actively participate in TWL and practice weekly. We have a strict Code of Conduct that everyone is expected to read and follow, but we are not a super-strict clan. There is a minimum age requirement of 15 (although some exceptions are made based on maturity), and most everyone is 14-20. Anyone from new players to players looking only to compete, and everyone in between, are welcome. If you just want to play and have fun, but occasionally take part in practices, you're welcome to do that. If you want to play and have fun, but also be in scrims/matches/practices, you're welcome to do that. If you want to just play for competing, i.e TWL, you're welcome to do that; you'll be placed accordingly. We are a military based clan with ranks, awards, military structure, etc...

If you come expecting real-life military tactics such as elaborate formations and widespread use of them, you will be disappointed. Although we have a military structure, we are not a "realism clan" in terms of in-game play.


What do we have to offer in the way of servers? - 16 Slot Ranked Server ( - 50 Slot, high-quality Ventrilo server

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contacts

- Pvt. Matt Recruiter/Recruit BCT (Basic Combat Training) Drill Instructor XFire username: mattwi Email: [email]matthewrosner@wi.rr.com[/email]

- Cpl. BJ Recruiter/Recruit BCT (Basic Combat Training) Drill Instructor XFire username: reconranger Email: [email]boobhuyu@yahoo.com[/email]

- Sgt. Vinny Head Drill Instructor of Recruit BCT (Basic Combat Training) XFire username: 6thvinny Email: [email]vinnyvinacco@gmail.com[/email]

- SSgt. Gutiarist Bravo Company (Battlefield 2142) Commander XFire username: gutiarist616 Email: [email]woodbr30043@yahoo.com[/email]

- Capt. Garhart Alpha Company (America's Army) Commander/Head Recruiter XFire username: garhart Email: [email]Garhart@gmail.com[/email]

- Maj. Zlayer Clan Leader XFire username: zlayer Email: [email]Zlayer@6thclan.com[/email]