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The First Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment s a newly developed military realism unit. As we are a realism unit, our structure is cloned from the infamous United States Army's Tenth Mountain Division. From the organization structure, ranking structure, award system, to the true army values, and more. Our ultimate goal for the creation of this unit is to reach an Army Strong Unit; an army who will help each other’s backs in times of need. And one cannot become an army of one until it has reached total camaraderie. Reaching total camaraderie, is as simple as one plus one. But in fact, it is not. It is the way one does it. To achieve camaraderie, one must apply teamwork, tactics, and discipline, to their team. One must also apply teamwork, tactics, and discipline to themselves. One must commit. Because one cannot apply anything without commitment. Once one has committed, once one has tried, once one has performed their absolute best, is when that one is ready. And that my friend is when they have reached true camaraderie.

You may not understand what my message is, but if you read it thoroughly again, I guarantee you will understand. If not, just look below for the simplified version!

Hello, My name is Lieutenant Colonel E.Gillis, Commanding officer of the 87th Infantry Regiment, a newly developed unit based on Military Realism and Professionalism. We follow the role of the United States Army and all of its structures. Our ultimate goal is to train our enlisted into an ultimate army of one. Working tactics to prevail and drilling them until it flows through your veins. We are a new unit and are recruiting people of a legitimate level of maturity, ability to role-play, and of tactical knowledge. If this describes you, look below!

What we offer to you

- A tough Basic Combat Training (BCT) cloned from the United States Army that will teach new recruits basic regiment knowledge and training. (Currently in BETA) - Military realism and professionalism - An up to date forum - A full informative website - Further trainings beyond Basic Combat Training to receive Military Occupational Specialties - A Chain of Command structure - A ranking structure alike from the United States Army - An organization structure identical to that of the United States Army - Fun in a serious way - A 100 slot Teamspeak server for communications purposes - Your own customizable uniforms and dog tags with up to date information - And a practice server for training uses (not our own, we will get our own soon)

You didn’t think that was all did you? Along with enlisting, come some basic requirements. Eh, they aren’t that tough.

Some simple requirements we need

- MATURITY (Emphasize a lot) - A minimum age of 14 years old (Exceptions) - Basic knowledge of tactics and organization structures - Commit at least four hours spread throughout a day with the unit (Exceptions) - A copy of Teamspeak 2.0 (TeamSpeak) - A working microphone or headset - Xfire (Xfire - gaming simplified) - A copy of America’s Arm - Ability to role-play at mandatory times - Patience

If you are interested in becoming an Infantryman, then drop by our Recruitment Office and slip an application. A Recruiter will reply in the next 48 hours. If you have any questions, contact one of the Recruiters or Private Message me on the forum. There's the right way, the wrong way, and the U.S Army way, which one do you recognize? Step up to the challenge:

1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division "CLIMB TO GLORY"

Have a nice day and see you soon!

Regards and authorized: Lieutenant Colonel E.Gillis Commanding, 87th Infantry Regiment X FIRE: egillis