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6th June 2005

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[COLOR=blue]Designed by Ex-military, established by Ex-military, founded for the Military – A War on Terror is a military simulation using Americas Army: Special Forces. Coupling to the mature gaming force of America’s Army, A War on Terror, or AWOT for short, has taken advantage of the military rank structure and operating procedures already established by the Army. Utilizing all means of prior military knowledge we have constructed two identical, but opposing divisions, and thanks to prior military personnel in charge, they will be two of the most supreme fighting units in America's Army.[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Which ever side you chose, you will take part in the most organized, team-play oriented, and military simulation ever to hit America's Army. Be a part of the War on Terror; serve your leader, fight amongst the elite, claim your rank, and make your mark on history. Will you be the Oppressor, or will you fight the oppression? Find out, enlist in A War on Terror… choose your side.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Enlist at www.awaronterror.com[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]We are currently fighting our 1st Campaign and are in need of fresh troops. Sign up and Join the 1HA [COLOR=yellow]regardless of your skill or age[/COLOR]. If you decide on Joining our division, do not worry about the $5 fee, because that will be waved for you. So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE 1HA TODAY, and play alongside the best tactical players in this Tournament.[/COLOR]