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18th April 2004

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#31 15 years ago
azzkikerIf u can figure out a way, we can have ts.aafiles.com as the clan's TS server. I dunno how to pull it off thought but ... yea ... find out.

You would have to have the TS Server running on the server that AAfiles.com is running off of. Do you run that site from a leased server or do you just have webspace for it?


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#32 14 years ago
Para620Just checking to see if the offer is still up for a high rank if I build us a good website? I have been gaming for 2 years now but just picked up AA. I am in the Army and stationed in Korea, but still get a decent ping on the American Servers. I also would like to get a TS or Ventrilo server if I come aboard. In my opinion, thats what makes a clan is communication. BTW, dont know what my honor is???? Sorry, Im still a n00b at AA. Name: Brent Ray Age: 22 US Army Paratrooper

Good on ya dude! Even though I live in Canada...:naughty:hehe ... Anyways to find out your honor press F1 ingame and look at the number next to your name(the one highlighted in yellow). It goes down when you TK and up when you kill enemys/do "special" things(once I went prone on an enemys nade, saving about 5 of my teammates and my honor went up instantly). I would like to join a clan, but the thing is im not exactly a high honor player...If it wasn't for those damn hackers on every map(see my first post), I would have gotten alot higher on honor... So heres my current info on Jan 6, 2005: Honor: 16 Age: 13 In-game Name: Daruna, Hoboacrossthestreet I am a responsible player, and will be shooting up Pipeline for a while to get my honor up (should get some of my pics in the PoTD Archive in aafiles ;) )


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#33 14 years ago

right then guys isnt it about time we got this clan up an running its laid dormant more than M. jacksons sex life with adults