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recruit3.gif [size=18][color=red]AAO/AASF Medics[/color][/size] [color=yellow]The Elite Medical Squad - Active Recruitment Notification[/color]

The AAO/AASF Medics squad is pleased to annouce that recruitment is once again open. We are now actively recruiting America's Army players for both our competition ([Medic]~[CM]) and non-competition divisions. If you would like to join a well established and disciplined group, consider applying. Players who do not want to take part in competition are also encouraged to apply. Please review the following requirements and regulations:

1. Requirements

  • In order to have your application considered, you must meet the following requirements: - You must have a minimum of 35 honor - You must be 18 years or older (Maturity is a must; In extreme cases we will accept 16 + if that player exhibits a mature persona) - Your primary language must be English. - You must have an account on AAOTracker, with it being tracked for a minimum of 30 hours. - You must have the following communication programs: XFIRE, MSN Messenger OR AOL Instant Messenger, and Teamspeak. Communication is the key to a successful clan. - You must be willing to support squad leased official (honor) servers. - You must not be a member of any other America's Army squad.

2. Application Process If you meet the preceding requirements, you are eligible to apply. The process must be strictly adhered too. If you think you have what it takes to join [Medic], carefully follow these directions:

1. Visit the following site, and review the rules and regulations:


2. Once you thoroughly reviewed the rules and regulations, visit the forums:

http://aaomedics.com/forums/ Register with the forums.

3. Be ready with the following information:

  • ~ Real name: ~ Age: ~ Gender: ~ Current AAO Username: ~ Medic Training?: (YES or NO) ~ SF Training?: (YES or NO) ~ Tracker ID Number: (Can be accessed by visiting the Control Panel) ~ Email address: ~ What username you would like: ([Medic]_ "Your name here") ~ City: ~ State: ~ Country: ~ Favorite Map: ~ Favorite Gun: ~ Have you applied to [Medic] before?: (YES or NO. If NO, state reason why your application was denied.) ~ Have you been a member of other AA clans?: (If so, please list clan names) ~ Previous Clan History: (Why you left) ~ Previous Clan Contacts Information: (List website addresses or any other way of contacting your old clans. By submitting this application, you give us the right to contact your previous clans) ~ About You (Bio): ~ How much are you willing to donate toward squad funds (website, servers)?:

4. Instructions on submitting this information can be found in the 'Recruitment Center' part of the squad forums. Once you submit the information as per directions state, post on the forums frequently so that additional members may get to know you. If you have any questions or doubts, post on the forums.

5. While your application is being processed, you will be allowed to wear the [Medic-R] tag. Do not place this or the official tag ("[Medic]") on your username unless told so by squad officials.

3. Afternote

[Medic] has ZERO-TOLERANCE for players engaging in illegal activities. In order to test the validity of an applicant, we employ the use of background checks. Also, before your application is accepted, you will be required to play on AASA servers with squad members. You will also be interviewed through MSN Messenger and Teamspeak. Make sure that you have a functional microphone.

Do not ask members about the status of your application- this will cause your application to be discarded. You will most likely receive the final verdict within 2-3 weeks of applying.

We are an internationally based clan, with members from North America, Europe, and Australia. Currently, there are 23 active members, and several members who are on leave. The clan has recently undergone an extensive restructure, and now features a fireteam structure and awards program. We have in the past competed in CAL, and will be entering in other leagues once our competition fireteam ranks are full. Players who do not wish to compete are also welcome and encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, please stop by our forums. On behalf of the AAO/AASF Medics, Good Luck!

[Medic]_Force [Medic] Board Director [color=orange]Squad Headquarters:[/color] http://www.aaomedics.com [color=orange]Competition Division Headquarters:[/color] http://ww.combatmedics.com

[color=red]Teamspeak IP[/color]: