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#1 8 years ago
[COLOR=Yellow]Ace of Spades[/COLOR] :beer:

Perhaps this game is just Minecraft,with guns? I really think so..It is ran by a Voxel-based Engine, and very low textures, It has Construction-Destruction-War. This game is still in Beta, but progressing very quickly, with all kinds of new content and features. Website:

[COLOR=Yellow]:deal:System Requirements? :deal: [/COLOR]
Your grandma's rig can run this game. No, seriously..It states that on the site under the requirements. Basically this game can be ran on any computer that has some kind of graphics card, and still have a reasonable FPS. Windows only so far, so no Mac, Linux, etc.
[COLOR=Yellow] Game-play?[/COLOR]:smokin:
I have made a youtube video showing "some" of the basic features of this game. Link: Ace of Spades -Gameplay- - YouTube
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