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#1 13 years ago

My nephew loved playing (me too!) Joint Ops but his mom said he's too young for all the violence - any suggestions on a similar PC type game for a 13 yr old. Nothing too juvenile. Something played online would be great too. Thanks for the info.............:cya:

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#2 13 years ago

There are quite a few games with violence locks, such as Soldier of Fortune 2, but I don't know how ingenius your nephew is and if he could get around them. That would be a bad one for his mom to find him playing if he got around the violence lock ;). I also liked the Red Faction series and don't remember it having much gore violence.

Otherwise Star Wars games are always a kid-friendly alternative, as they hardly ever have gore (just due to the types of weapons there are). Other than that my experiences with FPSs is rather limited, which is why we have all these other people that are going to make me sound uncultured in the realm of gaming. :p