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6th September 2005

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#31 15 years ago

i have an question? why do you get so mad so easily? i just called you words you le cheval not your country. what next? im an missionary so i have to go to your country for the third time and teach you about THE SIMPSONS? did you heard of that show?


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2nd September 2004

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#32 15 years ago

Just so that people here know, we have found out that Marquis is not an actual frenchmen.


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27th May 2004

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#33 15 years ago
Komrad_BJust so that people here know, we have found out that Marquis is not an actual frenchmen.

*puts on the accent* "So this one you say, He is not from the land of the Crissonts?"


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31st January 2004

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#34 15 years ago

This thread has gone way off topic, and there is too much flaming going on. Cattman2236, if you wish to argue about colonisation, do it somewhere else, not in General Gaming. Same goes to Marquis_Lafayette

Cattman2236ill le you think about this for a while, you imature twat.

Offensive language of this nature is not allowed, read the rules. *Off-topic posts removed or edited* If it goes off topic once more, this thread is going to be closed.


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#35 15 years ago

I agree with Donitz too. I hope that Call of DUty series continues though, since is one of my favourite games ever...!


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25th February 2003

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#36 15 years ago
Mr. Matt - If Activition screwed around with developers, they deserve to be sued. If they broke the terms of their contract, they deserve to be sued. If they did half of the things Spark is claiming they did, they deserve to be sued.

Well, let's not forget that Activision is just the greedy game publishers. Spark is the creators and they do the work. So, we, players, SHOULD support the creators to get more money, because they DO THE JOB, unlike Activision - they just add their copystuff and sell the product then ;)

In simple words - they will be allways the publishers. It is the quality developers that are hard to find and they invest their talent, ideas and time to do the job.

And like Mr. Matt says - if they did only half of the things the Spark accusseing them about, well, they deserve FAR forser that pay pathetic 10 millions to Spark. Hell, they deserve to be haged by their balls, till fall off, for god's sake! :(

:uhm: sometimes even the developers screw-up, like DICE did in Battlefield 2 with not including the damn need reserved slots (and no key-message-binds?!), but hey - they will be forced to fix it in the 1.1 patch :) What doing EA at the time? Well, you quessed right. Sitting on it's fat ass and counting money... So, answer for yourself - who is worth to paying money for? Greedy EA? Or DICE, even they screwed up a little...? (their screwup hurting me badly, as in old-good days, they are The Silents demogroup, witch created outstanging (at the time, of course :) demos for my beloved Amiga - titles like Hardwired or Global Trash set the lath for all demoproductions kinda high. Hardwired was their '91 co-op with Cryonics and hell, the demo has something to show even today, tought timing under WinUAE suxx a little ... )