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#1 14 years ago

Hello gamers, I am currently writing a research report on advertising in video games and could really use some first hand opinions from gamers. As a gamer myself I have seen much more advertising and branding built in games in recent times and I want to get your opinions on the following issues (where possible please provide examples): 1) When do you think advertising ads to a game’s credibility? 2) When do you think advertising reduces a game’s credibility? 3) Has advertising or branding ever caught your attention in a game (good or bad)?Specific examples would be awsome. 4) When do you think advertising and branding in a video game is appropriate? When is it unappropriate? 5) What are your general thoughts\opinions of advertising in video games? Do you have any suggestions of how it could be improved? I really look forward to reading your responses. Cheers.


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#2 14 years ago

i for my part am cool on adverts ingame ... but only as long as it's made decent ... dunno, but last thing i would want to do is run around in FEAR 2 in a microsoft-office ... where all walls are plastered with xbox360 posters and their zune player ... haven't they already thried this ad-stuff in splinter cell 3 ... not sure ... but heard something