After GW2 is released, will you stop playing GW? 31 replies

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30th April 2004

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#31 11 years ago

How much time is ... too much time ?


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#32 10 years ago

So far I have spent 4863 hours and 27 mins in all four GW campaigns and with what has been said about the "Hall of Monuments" I do not intend to leave everything behind.I have all my tapastries placed and every space filled with heros,minis,armor,weapons,pets(my primary is a ranger)so that my desendants will get some goodies when GW2 comes out.If GW2 is as good as GW was I will abandon GW in favor of the new game however,if thie new GW2 favors PVP over PVP'ers getting extra gold and goodies,I will not play GW one or 2 at all.I liked playing the story and don't like the PVP enviorment at all in this game....If I want to PVP I'll go play a combat flight sim or a good FPS.So abandoning GW1 if favor of GW2? I think,for me,It's a definite wait and see.