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#1 16 years ago

AgileKnights is a Online Gaming Network thats been up for awhile now, we are making it into a company soon and it will become a worldwide supplyer for stuff. We are also server hosting, download hosting, forum hosting and much more... Im not 100% on website hosting as its in tests. If you become a leader of part of the aK (AgileKnights) we will work out some stuff for you, but the deal is that you must have 5 or 6 active members and we will/should supply you with a game server. We also host Team speak and we can supply you with your own team speak server!

If you just wish to find stuff out go to the forums (make sure when you register the code is in capitals)

If you wish to be a clan leader or guild leader for nearly any online game please email [email=""][/email]

Regards James.Oakley

AgileKnights team.