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Hi guys, if you don't already know then let me introduce you to a new game that will soon be on the front page of every gaming magazine!

Aion: Tower of Eternity

A little about Aion:

From the makers of Guild Wars/Linage/City of heroes/villains and many other great game NC Soft is proud to present Aion!

Aion is still being developed, it will be a Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with real time AERIAL COMBAT

Yes ladies and gentlemen this means free for all flying and combat in the sky!

It will be a fantasy game with the latest graphics!

not impressed yet? well take a look at these screen shots..









If your still not impressed well here's a few videos that might tickle your fancy:

- YouTube - AION: TOWER OF ETERNITY - YouTube - Aion G-Star Trailer - YouTube - aion e3 2006

These videos are really bad quality and were also made a long time ago so imagine the quality of the game when its released!

If we haven't won you over by now then just wait till the game is released and you hear your friends bragging about what they did the other day in Aion!

Aion Official Site: Aion

Aion's Largest Fan Site forums: The Aion Source


See you in the abyss!