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#1 9 years ago

Hey all..I moderate the WildWest forum here....

Have a question relating to my WildWest game server. I wanted to add messages onto the server that pop up and let me people know things like game events, forums address for WW at FF and WW at my other forum for the game.

I used to use a program called AliasFinder many years ago. The computer died about 3 yrs ago and I never replaced the tied up in other projects...

Looking to put this or something like it on again and am having trouble with the settings. Does anyone have any experience with this?

The program can be found at: Welcome To AliasFinder Kind a of a cool program because it allows you not only to give messages to the server on a rotation you set but also introduces new players that join and tells what country they are from. In addition it allows server management features such as if people change their name on the server it tracks their name changes based on their IP and GUID. So if you happen to get a person that is a trouble maker you can identify them... Any help or suggestions for something better would be appreciated:queeg2:.