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#1 6 months ago

There's no shortage of game streaming services these days. Steam, Parsec, PS Now, Project Stream, Project xCloud, NVIDIA GameStream…. the list is endless, and now it looks like Amazon is ready to jump into this already oversaturated market too, with their own game streaming service.

While Amazon has said nothing official as of yet, rumours abound from several sources that the online retail giant is already in talks with several publishers, and there's even talk of a view to release as soon as 2020.

Now the real question is, do we need yet another streaming service? I find Parsec to be the best solution, not least because I can use it with my own hardware, not just because it's mostly stable and reliable - but there's one thing all these solutions will struggle with - bandwidth. It's great if you have a stonking fibre connection like me (and even then, there's compression), but if you're rural or simply can't get decent internet speeds, then it's a bit of a non-starter for the majority of users.

Like all technologies, there's further enhancements and improvements to be made which will make these services more reliable and less bandwidth intensive, but will it replace true gaming hardware in the home?

For PC gamers, I doubt it. There's something intrinsically enjoyable about picking your hardware, installing it, taking care of it, and overclocking it. It's all part of the fun. I would never want that taken away from me.

As for consoles? Well, time will tell, but until broadband catches up and the technology develops, it seems there's a lot of players in what is currently a pretty niche market.

What do you guys think? Let us know below!

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#2 6 months ago

Game streaming can piss off, you pay money to get permission to play a game for a certain time period, and after that your purchase is worthless.

Instead of spending money on stupid shit like that, Amazon should've kept Curse/Gamepedia in their hold instead of selling them to those Fandom tards.


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#3 6 months ago

Is there really any demand to game streaming? If you're playing on PC then there's no reason to stream games when you can have plenty of storage space on your computer, and for consoles I just don't see it working right now nor for a long time. How out of touch can these companies be.

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#4 6 months ago

I just went to rewatch The Expanse on Netflix the other day. It's one of my favourite series and I wanted to refresh my memory.

Except that I can't. Shit's gone.

With that in mind, game streaming can go and lick up its own dick squirts. 

As someone who regularly replays games from multiple previous generations, the day game streaming becomes the norm is the day I stop playing new games anymore. 

Besides, we're talking about the same publishers that are objectively evil and concerned not with game design, but with how many of our moneys they can extract from our anuses by turning every fucking franchise into a 'service'. It's come to something when a new game release can prompt fucking legislation in some countries because they're not even bothering to hide the fact that games like Battlefront are little more than glorified, themed pub gambling machines now. Putting the future of our hobby entirely in their hands is beyond terrifying and they can fuck off.

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