An Amazing PC or a PS3? 32 replies

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#31 13 years ago

I say a PC. Soon parts for computers will go down in price, and you can make a very nice, high quality computer that surpasses most of the next-gen consoles.


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#32 13 years ago

im not a microsoft fanboy thank you very much i also have a ps2 dont play it as much but oh well still kicks ass and run linux and xp i hate microsoft but i like 360


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#33 13 years ago

I'd recommend a PC over a PS3 anyday. The PC may have slightly higher initial costs, but it would be upgradeable vs. a console which you can't really upgrade. A PC would also give you flexibility for other things like web surfing, playing music and posting to forums. The PS3 may be neat now, but wait a year or two and they'll have you lining up with several hunderd more dollars for the next-generation (non-compatible/non-upgradeable) console.