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#1 7 months ago

This is wonderful. Ubisoft has released another update for Origins, this time adding a new "Animus Control Panel". This update allows you to "hack" a save(in the game's terms), which creates a duplicate. This duplicate will not allow you to earn uPlay Rewards or Achievements, but is otherwise completely legitimate. It also allows you to muck about with everything from enemy level scaling(want all your enemies to be 30 levels higher than you? Doable), to giving you infinite underwater breathing and a completely different character.

It essentially allows you to muck about with settings to customise your own "game mode". You could create a game mode that encourages stealth by making confrontations extremely dangerous and making all assassinations 1-hit-kills. You could also create a mode where all the factions are allied.

Currently, the panel is only available on PC, as it requires oyu to use uPlay's overlay.