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I'm looking for members to a newly formed clan, Auctoritas Victor XI [AVXi]. The aim is to make this a multi-gaming clan, a friendly community for everyone to have fun and to make friends. I haven't planned this to be a hardcore competing/warring clan, of course we DO play clan matches in time but I'm not gonna pull a stress out of it. At least for now I'm not gonna come up with any actual requirements but I'm hoping that all members would use XFire and a level of maturity is desirable... At the moment we have about 10 members...

...It doesn't matter if you're a "noob" 'cause after all, gaming is all about having fun with peeps.

Our clan games atm are:

- Battlefield 2142 - Company of Heroes - Crysis - Guild Wars - Call of Duty 4

...of course we do play other games aswell but these are the main communal ones.

We have forums at Auctoritas Victor XI and we do have a TeamSpeak server. We are working on getting us a website.

If you have anything to ask, you can contact us at [email][/email] or me personally to MSN: [email][/email]

... and my xfire nick is "varuz"

cheers, Flav1us.