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#1 11 years ago

Sorry if this is out of place it is my first time posting. But anyways... I recently started up "Within a Deep Forest" on my PC. I hadn't played it in a while and I found myself desperatly wanting to play a game of its type again. I began playing it on Hard mode and relized how awsome the game was. Unfrotantly however the game seemed like something I had already experinced, even though my last playing of it was quite a while ago. It seemed that as soon as I finished a game of this type I was no longer into it. And even though "Whiting a Deep Forest" is still freaking awsome it seems that it wont satisfy my gaming needs because it is not new to me. [INDENT]Being this my first post and having spent little time on this site im sure that a similar post to mine has already been made. However I hope that anyone stopping by that hasn't played this game will benifit from hearing about it (of course if you havn't heard of "Within a Deep Forest" it is only because you havn't logged on to the internet ever). But being that this game no longer satisfys my gaming hunger I am hoping that this tread can be a spot where someone can tell me of any other amazing games such as this one, or at least refer me to somewhere where I can find them.

I have certanly found as many games like "WADF" as I can. The gems I have come across are:

Knytt This game is made by the same folks that make WADF. It follows the same simple exploration as WADF. Find both WADF and Knytt here.

Seiklus This game is a simple exploration game that has the player colecting orb like things and exploring a vast world. This game is very simple and relaxing and really is quite enjoyable. Much more exploration based than WADF. Find this game here.

Painajainen A game inspired by Seiklus made in game maker. This game is short and full of bugs. What makes it awsome however is its relaxing atmosphere. Find it here.

Last but certainly not least is Cave Story. Probably my favorite next to WADF this game is the only one with any real presence of wepons. I personally loved this game but found it very difficult near the end. Find it here.

[/INDENT]I hope that anybody who didn't know of these games is now enlightened to find them. Please if i missed any thats the real reason im posting this.