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#1 10 years ago

Backgammon Masters not released a new lobby with free gaming software (freeware) to download and play online - available in 12 languages, they even got Chinese.

The fellas at BM got not only online Backgammon gaming, but lots more - they are the ONLY online Perudo software - you can play Perudo (Cachito / Lair's Dice) online with other players!

Also, Most of the content on Backgammon Masters website is available in the same languages as the software - so players can learn how to play backgammon, get tips and strategies and as keep in touch with the fellas at BM about promotions and unique limited events.

In addition, BackgammonMasters has plans to launch a LIVE multi-language Customer Support chat program where players will be able to get LIVE support online in their native language. :beer: