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#1 9 years ago

I was banned a week ago and today I've used a friends account to find out why and for how long.

After complaining over it for a while finally I got a bit frustrated over ppl blocking doors and smoking inside base and decided to make it worse hoping someone will finally take a notice... and someone did. Now obviously it didn't work out as I hoped it will since AFAIK I was the only one who got kicked. I was informed that I should post a complaint and explanation here .. so here it is!

btw: after more than half an hour of looking (in vain) for an adequate thread I decided to post complain here. If it's posted in wrong place - I do apologize.

Oh ... and one more thing. Whoever banned me should be less "trigger happy" so to speak. I play a lot and I never never cheat or annoy other ppl. Perhaps a warning or something!?

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#2 9 years ago

You might want to post this on the forum of whomever runs Urban Terror or the server you were playing on at the time.

These forums have nothing to do with that game or with the servers hosting that game.