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#31 13 years ago

both, although i despise ET cuz it ruins the strategic, fast and most of all, TEAMWORKING gameplay that RTCW offers.

thats why i'm kinda sceptic about what etqw is gonna be like, since i'm a fan of q3 and rtcw and i hate sequels to both of them (q4, wolfet).

about 2142, bf42 is my favorite ww2 shooter (rtcw doesnt count), but i have played bf2 only once on a lan party on someone else's comp (mine is too shijatish), and i think it was pretty good (well at least i didnt see any bugs). but me and my friend were playing 1v1 anyway so there wasnt alot of action anyway. what i'm really looking forward to, are bf2 mods, specially those with new ranking system and disabled abilities like dolphin dive spam, and other things people complain about all the time.

but as i said, i'll get both, cuz i usually get games the illegal way (i hope i wont get banned for that lol).