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#1 12 years ago

While visiting a Total War forum one day I came across a thread that had not been written in since November. It was called: "Battlezone"

The point of Battlezone was to have members play certain historical battles in RTW and M2TW under certain options (although some of these options dont exist for M2TW) and then simply post screen shots of their results at the end of the battle (loss or win).

Points were handed out and awarded for different factors like the kind of victory or loss (i.e Heoric Victory, Close Defeat, etc) and the kill ratio.

Each week would be one battle - during that week members would say if they were in and play the historical battles on the given terms. Then simply post their results via screen shots. A judge would then add up the points to see who was victorious that week.

I liked the idea but would anyone wanna try that out? It seems like it could be fun - I just dont think we have enough TW fans here to keep it alive.

Please, provide feeback