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7th May 2007

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#1 12 years ago

These are just some game features I wish all games would use but, sadly very few do. Also, feel free to post games that use these features or other features you would add. 1. New Game + RPG's have amazing stories but I usually don't have another 50+ hours to spend beating it having to deal with all the hard parts of the game. I love the option in Chrono Trigger to go thru the game again at the level you beat it. You get all the story and you finish it alot quicker so you have more free time to work on new games. 2. LAN installs I'm not sure if there is a proper name for this. Basically, I mean a version you can install onto another computer that doesn't need the disk but only give the option of LAN play with friends. (do any games even have this?) 3. Co-op Nothing beats playing with friends. It's such a great dynamic more games need to feature well done co-op modes. 4. Quick save Like in FF III for the DS very nice when my battery is about to die. Eh that's all for now.