Best space trading/combat/open ended sim? 1 reply

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18th November 2005

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#1 15 years ago

So far, I've trialed EVE online, tried to play X3 and got the demo of Freelancer. I'm looking for more suggestions for this type of game.

Here's *my* pro/con list: 1. EVE Online Pros - Awesome universe. I really feel a part of 3D space even though I'm just a grain of sand in the grand scheme of things. - I like the graphics. Looks good and runs smooth. - Has everything I'm looking for in a space game. Cons - Monthly fee for a game I will most likely end up playing play solo....urgh - Very slow pace. Slow I can handle, but very slow is crossing the line a bit.

2. X3 Pros - Promises to be a HUGE IN DEPTH game. - Flying around is easier than point and clicking(in EVE). - I prefer this style space fighting. Cons - The supposedly "better" graphics look ordinary to me compared to EVE. - The game runs like a dog. - All sectors of space are joined via north, south, east or west to the next sector. No 3D "fly anywhere" space. - NO TUTORIAL (a crime considering the depth of this game)

3. Freelancer Pros - Supposed to do everything I want in a space game. Cons - Far too dated for me to want to get into. Sorry.


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28th November 2004

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#2 15 years ago

I've been looking for games like this forever, but I haven't been able to find one that's just right yet :(

There are a few online games like Space Federation: Unification War, but they're basically point and click games. The combat is basically "Click here to attack XXXX, here is the outcome of the battle." There's also some trading and research involved, but nothing deep. It wasn't exactly my type of game, but you might want to check it out.